SAP Solutions

Companies implement or upgrade their ERP systems like SAP, in order to improve their business processes, bring about efficiency, better quality control – and also to achieve a desired return on their investment. In many cases, companies who implement SAP (or similar ERPs which are available in the market) are unable to gauge the effectiveness of their system. Companies are unable to garner the full potential of the system – and hence end up under-utilizing the system.

At GKCM, we perform following consulting services with regards to SAP

  • SAP Project management – during or prior to SAP implementation
  • SAP Post / Pre implementation review
  • SAP Bench marking against best practices
  • SAP Security review and access control review
  • Data migration assistance
  • SAP Trainings
  • Key users
  • End users
  • Auditors

Our SAP consulting services are aimed at

  • Improving the best practices that are implemented in SAP
  • Improved reliance on system controls
  • Identify SAP functionalities that remains un-used / not implemented
  • Identify control weaknesses in the business process controls with respect to
  • Financial Reporting
  • Business process improvements
  • Access controls
  • Best practices
  • Arriving at better service line agreements with the SAP support partners
  • Better internal reporting
  • Improved utilization of functionalities in SAP.


We are totally independent of SAP, and are not implementation partners of SAP. Hence, our assessment of the implementation and identification of control environment within SAP framework is unbiased.

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