CMS is an automated system incorporated in an organization to keep check on the compliances being handled and to avoid non-compliances. This is the automated system which reminds the responsible/ authorized person to keep check on the due dates and to complete the compliances within time so as to avoid defaults and penalties.
CMS is effectively a matrix which calculates the effectiveness so as to judge that how an Organization operate under the dynamic environment influenced by the outside parameters.

  • List of Acts Covered : 430+
  • List of Compliances : 22700+
  • Corporate Actions : 1050+
  • Act related documents : 12500+
  • Criticality Level - High, Medium and Low
  • Event Based check having 250+ event points
  • 430+ State and Central Acts
  • 22700+ Unique Compliance Items
  • Compliance Categories - One time, Recurring, Event Based, On-going.
  • Option to upload proofs as attachments having multiple file type options
  • Proactive Risk Management - Penalities defined under each Compliance item in terms of Monetory Penalty, Imprisonment, Operational.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Compliance Calendars
  • Legal Updates
  • Document Management
  • Escalations & Reminders
  • Complete Knowledge Base